The farmstead “Martin’s Goose” is located 49 km to the west from Minsk. Traditional Belarusian and Lithuanian cuisine from the author of historical and culinary bestsellers Ales Bely. Animation and educational programs. Excursions and bike trips in Naliboki Forest. Weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, family parties, mini-festivals. + 375 29 613 7085 ,


Wooden gentry manor in the style of the nineteenth century, almost at the lake shore. With the possibility of fishing. At your service – up to 8 comfortable rooms, with 4 bathrooms, overnight stay for up to 22 people. (At winter up to 16). “Inn” hall (up to 45 people). A wood-heated sauna, a gazebo, a canopy table and an indoor dance floor (up to 55 people), barbecue facilities, mini-billiards, etc.
The village of Lucynka / Lyutsinka is a symbolic “gateway” into the famous Naliboki Forest, visible from the estate’s window. Into the historically and culturally unique region of modern Belarus. It was here that Vincent Dunin-Martsinkevich, the founder of the new Belarusian literary language of the 19th century and national theater, lived most of his life. The monument to ” Belarusian Piper” as he was sometimes called, stands on his former estate site, just 500 meters from our farmstead.
Our specialization main is educational and entertaining events. Animation programs with folk dances, games and contests (“Ethnic Disco”, “Inn Adventures”, etc.). Master classes in preparing Belarusian dishes and tasting lectures. Master classes in ceramics, folk dances and games, etc. Tours and bike trips in the Naliboki Forest, kayaking in Isloch river. Calendar programs (Christmas, New Year, Shrovetide, etc.). Weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, family parties, mini-festivals.
The owner of the estate, Doctor of History Ales Bely, is the author of numerous publications on the history of traditional Belarusian drinks, dishes and products, including the books “Our Dishes”, Belarusian Cookbook, “Lithuanian Cuisine”, “A Barrel babbled”.



Our estate offers the following types of programs:
– Animation – mostly music, folk dance and game, built on authentic Belarusian folklore, but in an interesting modern treatment. These are not concerts or performances, but interactive programs in which there is no division for performers and spectators, and all participate in the action-game almost on an equal footing.
– Master classes – first of all, on cooking traditional Belarusian dishes, and sometimes others – for example, on ceramics or on a Slavic cloth doll.
– Excursions in the immediate vicinity of the estate and to more remote corners of the Naliboki Forest


Contact details: Alexander + 375 29 6137085. Или  Or Lyudmila + 375  44 7026590